13 Aug 2013

Tiger.Watermelon is a site-specific installation including paintings, objects and video art.

Few works of art have the chance to be isolated from a certain context, to which the audience still owes a thorough and complete understanding. Probably that is why thematic exhibitions have become a mandatory subject, both in terms of contemporary art and the museum art. The approach of a contemporary art exhibition is always programmatic, often issued from a general idea that develops into an illustrative installation to justify a certain compliance.

Tiger.Watermelon project, with its neo-Dadaist allure, restores a context using the reason in the absence of specific topic. Artists with different backgrounds bring together their works incidentally, creating an occurrence that reveals a special frame of connections between their personal artistic training.

Tiger.Watermelon also states a strategic humour based on predictability of connections which make the exhibition feel like an easy labyrinth to search through, provided with some traps though. In this way are queried the resorts, the methods and the common areas that are specific for a certain practice in artistic promotion, as well as for communication of art galleries and museums with the public, behind a hidden game.

Bogdan Teodorescu

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